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Message from Director

Mrs. Haseena Azmat
"Time is very precious
Certain moments are delicious
Time is quickly spent
Yet its mark is permanent."

The marks of achievement of this college during the past few years are permanent which makes us feel proud. The advancement of learning of the child does not altogether depends on the classroom teaching nor does i depend on the mutual interactions between the teachers and the learner alone, but on a joint endeavour made by them. In the school, curricular activities aim at making the children intelligent and bright where as the co-curricular activities aim at making them compassionate and humane. The co-curricular activities, prove to be the best alternative for the pupil to get break from vigorous classroom activities like learning, writing, answering, drawing etc.

Children at Career Convent Girls College are engaged in different type of activities aimed at leading them to specific forms of development. If they are not encouraged to take part in these activities their education would not be holistic. As assemblage of curriculum is actually synchronization of subject plus activity, the cohesion between being and doing contributes to the total development of the child.

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