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Message from Principal

Mrs. Madhu Narayan
"Childhood is like a boundless energy, full of emotions and new thoughts, Ready to sail on the boat of success, to explore the unconquered territories of innocence and human sentiments'
When we speak of a child then it does not mean the reckless and forlorn creature but the messenger of new dawn lest forget about the tantrum throwing child stories.

Today's child is more focused and alert. The word 'education' is derived from the Latin word 'educare', meaning to draw out (from with in). This concept has been embraced by our institution. In the new age classroom session, interactive sessions, teamwork and implementing and applying theoretical knowledge are emphasized on.

Our institution ensures that teachers focus on every individual student, their individual aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it is made mandatory for all students to participate in class discussions on various subjects, so that no idleness of thought creeps in and students, who generally balk at the thought of speaking in public, are also compelled to shed their inhibition.

These changing classroom trends, demonstrate both willingness on the part of our institution to cultivate knowledge and life skills rather than force feed information and an enthusiasm on the part of students to question and understand rather than be content with a mediocre learning experience.

Generally, our development areas fall into two sections :

Building on existing strengths and developing new skills or competencies. Innovation and rejuvenation are the ingredients for sustained success in life. Life throws up both challenges and opportunities. The art of living is to seize the opportunity to transform one's life into a prayer and using the power of prayer to cut through the challenges and colour the different silhouettes of human areas with success stories.

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