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Message from P.R.O.

Mr. M.S. Faridi
"Life is the name of undaunted task, to glow in the glory and gleam in its bask. Shining like the twilight and removing darkness from the zones of despair. It is calling for another sailing, to glorify the human zeal and seeks warmth of humane nature and care."

One of the aim of the post that I hold is to bind all institutions with one thread o; love and unity and bring their endeavour and task into the zone of glory. My job requires me to remain humble, stead fast, resolute, determined and above all to cement the existing ties between the parents and the institution.

I am like a ray of light ready to rekindle the wavering spirit of the morose who believes only in pessimism. My task is to instill a new wave of optimism amongst the fellow human beings. I act like a pillar of support for the grieving and peeved parents. I try to calm their rising emotions with the cool balm of soothing words which comes in form of unconditional support from the organisation. I act like a beaver who helps in cementing and forging the relationships between the organisation and the parents. Sometimes ugly situations too, crop up, but my intervention brings everything to normalcy.

My calm and poised manner is instrumental in soothing the hot and humid volleys of fire My work requires me to remain active and energetic in order to make the dream of our trust a reality where peace and tranquility would reside together with progress and would make our institution an abode of constant change and progress. With this dream in my eyes I hope, I would keep on working hard to make our dream of new projects and unfulfilled task a movement of reality so that, whenever, anyone looks at it they would exclaim in disbelief that this organisation has touched the zenith of success in such a short span of time.

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