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My Vision

Mr. Azmat Ali
"Oh, sweet content, that turns the labourer's sweat;
To tears of joy and shines the roughest face;
How often have I sought you high and low,
And found you still in some quiet place."

I saw a vision decade back to impart knowledge free of its impurities, I always  believed that if you will keep aspirations high, moderate expectations and small needs, then you will see a dawn of new awakening in human race to remove the clouds of ignorance from their minds and to welcome the silvery ray on flowery meadow in the form of deep and pure knowledge. How rare and wonderful is the flash of a moment when we realize that we have discovered new spectrum of divine knowledge! My vision took the concrete shape when Career Convent Educational And Charitable Trust was established in October 1995 to explore the unexplored arena. Slowly and steadily Career Convent College came into the concrete shape in 2005 and since then the college is achieving new helms of glories. I always believed that my task is like the brook on earth which has hollowed out for itself a considerable valley to flow in. Challenges and problems are still raising its heads but my belief is unshaken like the Mount Olympus and I will continue to serve the humanity by channelising their life towards education. All the performances of human art, at which we look with praise or wonder, are instances of the resistless force of perseverance, it is by this that our minds are united by the energy of knowledge. With this aim in mind "Career Convent Educational And Educational Trust" has opened new vistas by establishing a chains of institutes.

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